About CrossFit East
History of CrossFit East – Serving Those Who Serve

CrossFit East ( TJ Cooper ) is the oldest CrossFit affiliate on the East Coast.  The First in Florida, and excluding CFHQ, CrossFit East was the second affiliate developed in the CrossFit Community, behind CrossFit North ( Navy SEALs Ret. Nick Nibler and Dave Werner ) .  Our Program began in the winter of 2001, as an exclusive training program with direct input from Coach Greg Glassman.  In the winter of 2002, we became an “official” affiliate.  They didn’t exist before then.  At that time, no one even knew what CrossFit was. 

Currently CrossFit East, is located in Jacksonville,Florida at Florida State College (North Campus on Capper Road).  CrossFit East is also the training program), The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Police Academy (JSO) and the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (NEFCJSTC).
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CrossFit East has grown from that beginning into a much larger group of committed individuals and boxes under what we affectionally started calling, The CrossFit East Family, (CFEF).  With over 36 local boxes and several out of state affiliates, We remain committed, as always, to training everyone interested in what we consider to be the best general fitness program in existence.


CrossFit East began with the concept that we could build better Police Officers.  The aim of CrossFit was to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness.  We wanted the same thing.  We wanted the best way to prepare for any physical contingency — not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable.  We wanted all of this without special adaptions.  To that end, mission accomplished.  Here’s an article link on our successes at the Academy.

CrossFit East is home to several noteworthy accomplishments; some of which include:
Coach Glassman publically considered CrossFit East to be the catalyst for CrossFit L1 Certificate Courses.
Hosted the first three Southern Regionals ( The Dirty South ) 
Host to multiple Level One, Level Two, and Several Specialty Certifications.