CrossFit Southside

Before CrossFit became a worldwide sensation they were an internet based fitness provider Their goal:   To provide the best information for training in a garage gym settings using the fundamental concept functionality.  I have always embraced that ideal, and have wanted for years to return to my roots in that regard.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to provide fitness to the masses via the CrossFit East Family, and more directly as CrossFit East and CrossFit Southside.

I love Gym Affiliates, I support them fully. I have decided however to redirect CrossFit Southside for now to become a provider for the at home athlete. I will continue to provide WODS, Fundamentals, Information geared towards “Functional Fitness “using this format. Much like CrossFit HQ, my position is simple. Give what I can to build healthy lives.  I plan to support your growth by providing CrossFit Seminars locally for as long as I can.  It is my hope that you stay engaged and fully involved with each other.  I plan to do my part.